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Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby Steps

Well, vacation was wonderful!

First day at the condo :)

We relaxed, enjoyed the beach and especially the time with my family. I brought tons of healthy foods, and I made the best plans to stay "good". I must admit that I ate a LOT of things I shouldn't have. However, it could have been WAY worse, and I'm trying to celebrate the small successes and victories I had in my good choices, and learn from my not so good choices.

I made time to work out and did it in a fun way. While we were in the pool I treaded water like I was drowning. We also played a fun game of pool "volleyball" which was so much fun. I took walks on the beach as well as treking through our massive hotel. And my brother, husband and I swam laps for a while in the indoor pool.

So, how did I do on weigh day???? Not so great. I gained 3 pounds. BUT, I am not devestated.

If you remember, the last two times I "fell off the wagon" I gained 5 pounds. This time, I was more intentional, sometimes I intentionally ate badly though LOL. But I think I made some really good substitutions, and made some really good choices. Could I have done better? Absolutely! Obviously if I had stuck to my plan and worked out even more I could have stayed the same or even lost weight.

But I'm celebrating the fact that my "failures" are starting to improve, and I'm learning so much about myself. Like I said before, I didn't get to this size in a few months, and I won't get to goal in a few months either. It takes time, and it takes baby steps.

I'd say I took a few baby steps this vacation and I'm hopeful that the next time I'm in this situation my relults are going to be even better!
Sweet Girl! :)
Cousins, Uncles, and Pa-Pa playing on the beach :)

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  1. hey there! I just started my own blog and was searching for people to add. Your journey and pictures inspire me!!! I hope it is ok I add you to my blog list!