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Friday, July 16, 2010

Vacation Time!!!

Almost every year for as long as I can remember my family has spent a week at the beach over the summer. My parents scrimped and saved so that we could have wonderful time of relaxation and fun in the sun. I can count on one hand the number of years we have not been able to go. It's a Roman family tradition, and one we have all come to enjoy and appreciate very much.

So, needless to say, I'm VERY excited about the fact that Scott and I get to join my family this year for the first 4 days of the Roman Family Vacation!! I'm excited, and yet, apprehensive...

You see, I'm still learning how to say to no to a lot of foods. My first 12 weeks or so on the program I was a fanatic and very hard core. Then real life set in and the honeymoon was over, and I've had a REALLY hard time being consistent, which has also led to less weight loss... ugh...

I know that we will be eating out tonight and Monday night. Tonight is pizza (of course!) and while I know I shouldn't, I am not sure I'm going to be strong enough to say no, and just enjoy a salad... Monday night is Olive Garden so I'm not so worried about that one, except for the dreaded breadsticks. LOL

So, here is my plan... I'm bringing tons of perfectly healthy things along with us so that I'll have options when it comes to snacking and "sweets" (i.e. fruit and/or dark chocolate). I'm also going to talk to my family and ask them to help me stay accountable and not just eat like someone who hasn't seen food in a few years. :)

My goal for this week was lose 4 pounds by Monday, July 19. Frankly, I'm just praying I don't gain. Losing 4 pounds, while on vacation no less, would be unbelievable... Not gaining seems hard enough, but realistic. LOL

So, I'm asking everyone to be praying that I my will will be stronger than my stomach and my eyes! That I won't lose sight of what I want the most for what I want in the moment. And that I can make this a LIFESTYLE and not simply a diet... I HAVE to learn how to live every occassion and every day in a healthy way. I know it won't happen overnight (or even in 7 months!). I have 30+ years of bad habits to overcome... But, it all starts with making the first step... and then the next... and then the next... :)


  1. Amy, I've been going through the same exact thing, since I've been traveling a lot over the last few weeks (and leave again tomorrow). It would be SO easy to just give into the temptation of the candy/pretzels/donuts/extensive amounts of other crap in the airport, and I will say I have slipped a few times. But one piece of advice I got from Dr. Albers (who was on my show) is to think about how special a particular food item is - like when I went to Thailand earlier this year, there were a lot of things there that were special, but when I walk through an airport, no matter how appealing a Cinnabon is, it's not so special that I can't get it pretty much whenever I want is it something really worth the splurge? I think you could argue that some of your family events do make it worth the splurge because the event is meaningful, but you don't HAVE to eat the breadsticks just cause they're there (not that that would stop me, necessarily!!) I think your idea of just maintaining and not pushing losing this week is a good one too. Hang in there, good luck!

  2. My son came down on his vacation and I thought I would gain weight that weekend, cooking and everything. But after he left I had lost a pound. I couldn't believe it. I still made the best choices I could each meal without depriving myself and I think portion control was the big key. Good luck!