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Thursday, December 10, 2009

8 Weeks In!!!

I cannot believe it's been 8 weeks! Time has flown by, and the results are speaking for themselves. In 8 weeks I've lost a total of 30 pounds (down 3.4 lbs this week!) and an amazing 7" in my waist! I'm still working on being intentional in my journey. It's funny to think that eating this way has become "old hat" so to speak, but it's actually becoming second nature to avoid sweets and refined carbs and pick up fruits, veggies and whole grains. I've tried some new foods like spaghetti squash, jicama, flat out, great northern beans and more. It's been quite an adventure! :)

I'm very excited about my goal of running a 5K on January 9 or 10. It's not a formal 5K, just my very own with some family and perhaps some friends there to cheer me on. Friends and family are going to be paying me to run this race! LOL Nancy gave me the best idea (and a great motivator!) for my run, ask my family to pay $5 each for this run. So far I have gotten about $50 pledged toward my run. :) I'm hoping to get up to $100 so that I can buy a couple pair of pants and a couple tops for my new body (my clothes are already loose, and I know that by the 2nd weekend in January they'll be hanging off of me)! I'll be shopping the clearance racks because obviously I don't plan on being in that size for very long either! LOL

Having a goal is quite inspiring. I've downloaded some podcasts for my 5K training which I've really enjoyed. They are called Motion Trax by Deekron. I'm not able to keep pace with most of them YET but I know I will be soon enough. The upbeat tempo is great though, and even though I'm slower than the beat it is a great accompaniment to my walk/runs.

A lot is going on in my life right now and with Christmas around the corner I'm trying to stay on guard and avoid temptations and emotional eating. I'm focusing on staying positive, and doing what I know I need to do to succeed. My body is responding to all of these changes amazingly well and I am so excited that every day I am one step closer to realizing my dream of being a mommy. :)


  1. Wowzers!! Amy, I am so proud of all the changes you've made in 8 weeks times. How exciting that the changes you've made and the goals you've made are bringing about amazing physical changes. 30 pounds??!!! WOW! 7 inches?!!! AMAZING! I appreciate you sharing your heart and the changes going on inside of you too. Do you have pictures of you along the way that you might post you in the same pair of pants when you started? That would be fun to see! Praying for you!

  2. Amy- Jamie and I would like to pledge $5.00 each :) If you could e-mail me your mailing address to, I'll put the check in the mail tomorrow! You're doing a great job and we are very proud of you!

  3. Wow! I followed you here from DS. What an amazing journey. Congrats. Also, thanks for introducing me to the flat outs! So yummy!!