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Monday, December 28, 2009

Made it through the Holidays!

Well, I made it through the holidays without any major issues. :) I was able to enjoy the time with my family over the entire Christmas week without losing sight of my goal. I brought my own food to enjoy during dinner at Olive Garden with my parents and siblings, hubby, and niece. I also brought my own dinner when we went to my Aunt's house and avoided the cheesy lasagna and cheesy bread AND homemade fudge. :) On Christmas day I actually got to enjoy the same meal as everyone else because we had turkey, sweet potatos, and green beans available.

I'm still doing my hour of exercise every day. Scott and I bought bicycles with some Christmas money we got and biked 5 miles the other day! My behind is still a little sore LOL but I had so much fun biking! :) I'm looking forward to doing the 5K on January 9th. I missed the deadlines for the Disney race, and also for the Princess Half Marathon this spring, but I'm looking for an alternative. For my 5K on the 9th I'm just looking for a school track I can use. I'm inviting all my family and friends to come cheer me on! :) If you want to come out and cheer me on my run/walk you're more than welcome! I'll let you know where and what time as soon as I have that figured out. LOL

I'm feeling a little anxious about my 5K though because the running part is still so hard for me. I have finally gotten up to jogging for 2 minutes straight at one time, but after that I can only do spurts of 45-60 seconds throughout the remainder of my workout. I'm hoping that over the next couple weeks it increases though. But like Nancy reminded me this morning, it's not about how long it takes me, or whether I run or walk the whole thing. The important thing is that I finish! And I know I will. :)

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