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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's been a while, and tons is going on!! :)

I have been meaning to write for a few days now, but keep putting it off so I can focus on what I'm writing. Well, a lot has happened in the last week or so! My goals have been amped up dramatically all in anticipation of going back on the Dr. Oz show for a follow up episode!!!!!

I got word last week that they'll be bringing me back to NYC to tape an update segment the middle of January. I'm guessing it will air sometime in early February or so. As of Thursday of last week I have lost 34 pounds and 7 inches in my waist. My goal in this 4 weeks leading up to the taping is to lose another 16 pounds, and at least 3 more inches in my waist for a total of 50 pounds and 10 inches lost in 12 weeks!

To accomplish this Nancy and I are ramping up my routine. We have re-structured my calorie intake to allow my body to work more efficiently. I'm also working out for an hour every day (and I mean EVERY day). This is in preparation for my 5K (as well as my half-marathon in the spring) in addition to burning as much fat as possible to help in my weight loss.

While the workouts have been quite taxing (I firmly believe 1hour is way more than 2.5 times harder than 30 minutes lol) the hardest part has not been indulging in any nibbles here or there of all the Christmas goodies laying around.

But, I have such motivation on my side because Nancy is taking this challenge with me! She is not indulging in any sweets or extra nibbles all the way up to the taping. And, she is also doing 1 hour workouts EVERY day. Talk about support! She is amazing! She doesn't want to ask me to do anything she would not do, and so, she is doing all of this with me! It really does help when the temptation creeps up to stop at 45 minutes... or just "taste" that cookie or that piece of this or that.

So pray for me my friends! :) I'm going to need it! I really want to achieve my goal, and while I know it is lofty, I firmly believe it is attainable!


  1. So proud of you and thankful for your progress! I will be anxiously awaitng posts, and you TV appearance! Offering up a prayer for you now..... Rita

  2. Wow, that is so exciting...and being back on the show will serve as great motivation to meet your goals.
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