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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chipotle is in!

One of the things I used to hate about dieting is trying to eat out. This time around I am searching the web for nutritious options at my favorite restaurants, and even some new restaurants to try out.

In my hunt, I found this awesome site where you can calculate the nutritional value of your selection at Chipotle. is a nifty tool that creates a Nutrition Facts label like you would see on an item in the grocery store. I was able to figure out just what I could eat without blowing my plan.

Normally I would choose a chicken burrito bowl (no tortilla) with rice, black beans, tomato, corn, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, and a bag of chips.

This would be a whopping 1335 Calories, 58g Fat, 18g Saturated Fat, 185mg Cholesterol. 2280mg Sodium, 141g Carbs, 22g Fiber, 16g Sugar and 63g Protein... Wow.

My selection today was only slightly different, but provided a much healthier option. I got my chicken burrito bowl, but eliminated the rice, cheese, sour cream and the bag of chips and added fajita veggies.

This was only 435 Calories, 10g Fat, 2g Saturated Fat, 115mg Cholesterol, 16700mg Sodium, 47g Carbs, 15g Fiber, 12g Sugar, 44g Protein. Much, much better!

As I find these nifty options I'll be sure to share them. And I'd love to hear about your good finds at local restaurants and even in home recipes!


  1. Amy this is amazing! You are inspiring all of us who read your blog. Thank you for sharing! ~ Sarah C

  2. Amy
    Greetings from Montreal, Canada! I just watched the DR OZ show and you are an inspiration..just like nanavy..I also see myself through you. I know this can be done and I will shadow you.