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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just one of those days...

This morning started like any other... hit the snooze a few times, showered & brushed my teeth, fixed my automated breakfast (egg white "burrito" on italian herb flat out), did my hair, got dressed, and out the door we went...

Work started like it usually does too. And then, out of no where, SMACK. I felt like I was run over by a freight train. It's been a crazy few weeks for me at work, and I was finally starting to catch up, but apparently some things slipped through the cracks. Well, one thing here, and one thing there is usally no biggie for me. But it was like every 5 minutes something else was going wrong!

My normal reaction to such stress, anxiety and insecurity inducing events--CHOCOLATE! Today, after shedding a couple tears and talking myself out of just packing up and going home, I decided to take a deep breath and just take it one thing at a time. My day has not gotten better in terms of all the crap I am having to deal with, but it has gotten way better in terms of my attitude.

Isn't it funny how Satan tries to steal every ounce of joy from us any way he can? He sure has been hitting me hard this past week, and since he's not winning with food he's attacking from all other angles. But you know what, I actually have peace from that because it means I'm doing something right!

This new journey is bringing me closer and closer to God. On my walks I am listening to my favorite worship music. Every time I feel hungry I pray - for strength, for peace, for my dear friend and coach Nancy while she is cruising the islands :).

I had made food my idol. I thought more about food than I did anything else. And while I still think about food ALL THE TIME, I am beginning to counter that with more healthy thoughts and practices. My mind is fixed more and more on Him, because only through Him am I able to do any of this.

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