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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 33

Yesterday was day 33... unbelievable! I've been reading some of the comments and talking to some friends and I realize that maybe I was a little hard on myself. :) I've been focusing on the fact that I stopped at 1 bite and 1/2 cookie rather than on the fact that I tasted at all.

Also, I've come to realize WHY I was even tempted to begin with. I was confused about why I was so tempted to demolish the whole plate of cookies when just earlier that day I had successfully decorated 24 cupcakes without even wanting a lick of the batter or frosting. I seriously did not want even a taste! lol

I think it had a lot to do with my stress level. I feel very insecure around people I don't know, and until I get to know them that insecurity causes me a great deal of stress. On top of that, my husband and I had to walk down the aisle at the church twice, and then get up on the altar for the baptism. Way too many eyes looking at me!! LOL (you may find that odd since I willingly went on national television, but somehow that was different...)

Anyway, my stress level was super high, and the old me would have reacted with eating enough food for a family of 4! The new me struggled greatly with the old me causing me even more stress because I was mad at myself for wanting to eat! Vicious cycle I tell you...

Today I see how successful I really was in that moment. Instead of beating myself up for supposed failure, I am celebrating the fact that I was able to stay strong, and not completely fall of the wagon! What a victory! Every day I am getting sronger and better able to make healthy choices. I'm not allowing food or my emotions to control me (at least not completely) any longer. And for that, I celebrate!

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  1. Good job, Amy. I think this is a huge victory. One of the main problems I have in dieting is that when I go off even by one bite, I tend to want to use that as an excuse to binge and hate myself for the rest of the day (and beyond)! Being able to stop that behavior, quit eating at one bite and 1/2 cookie, and move forward might really be the difference between success and failure. I need to remember this too. Thanks for an inspiring post. :o)